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Is a Bird Problem Considered an Infestation?

Do you have a lot of pigeons around your home or business? At National Bird Control, we know that they can be pests, but there comes a tipping point when they go from being a nuisance to a health hazard just like rats, mice, and cockroaches – to name a few. Pigeons, in their large colonies that can number in the hundreds, can outbreed and out-eat any number of native birds and are considered an invasive pest in places such as the United States. Unfortunately, such large numbers of birds generate astounding amounts of droppings that can require professional pigeon dropping removal in Birkenhead. When a flock of pigeons reaches an infestation stage, those droppings are not only unsightly and stomach-turning, but a potential health hazard.

Pigeon Infestation Hazards

Having a flock of pigeons for neighbours is a health risk. When a single breeding pair has climate and food on their side, they can mate, incubate, and fledge two or three birds every sixty days. The young enter the gene pool almost immediately after leaving the nest and settle into breeding their five broods per year. Without natural predators to keep them down, before you know it, you’re being buried in pigeons. Aside from the appearance and smell of the droppings, an infestation also presents significant health hazards. Pigeons can carry external parasites such as ticks, mites and lice, and internal parasites in their blood and digestive tract. Pigeon droppings can also expose humans to Cryptococcus neoformans, histoplasmosis, and Chlamydia psittaci.

Not a DIY

Pigeon dropping removal in Birkenhead should not be done by anyone but a professional. Bird droppings are not only a health hazard but can block gutters, damage stone and concrete, and the bodies of dead birds can draw rats and other vermin. National Bird Control has the equipment, protective gear, and knowledge to safely remove droppings from your home or business. Once the cleaning up of droppings has been affected, efforts to mitigate the presence of a flock with nest removal and barrier measures to prevent roosting can begin.

Professional Bird Control

National Bird Control has years of experience in controlling bird populations and in pigeon dropping removal. We can help you get rid of your flying pest problem and the hazards that pigeon flocks can bring. Contact us today about pigeon dropping removal in Birkenhead and look forward to a pigeon free future.

When unsightly bird droppings and a pigeon infestation threaten your home or business, take it to the professionals to get your place clean and pigeon free!

How Can National Bird Control Help?

Birds can be destructive and disruptive to businesses, creating a mess and damage in public areas, to street furniture, roofing and building structures. Their presence can be a nuisance to customers and residents. National bird control is able to offer effective, guaranteed solutions to help protect your building anywhere in Birkenhead.
National Bird Control provide a comprehensive bird and pigeon control service protecting your premises or those of your clients in Birkenhead from pigeon roosting, guano and mess, seagulls and all other nuisance birds. Our first class service has been called on to eradicate bird problems from public sector buildings, schools, supermarkets, monuments, historic buildings, motorway bridges, Shopping centres, office blocks, warehouses, airports, stations and listed buildings..

Our Services


The system consists of a polycarbonate base and steel spike which is fanned at different angles depending on the specification of bird spike selected which is determined by the species of bird being proofed against and the width of the ledge being protected.

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One the most effective bird control methods. The net in no way harms the birds, but is very effective in removing roosting and nesting opportunities that will in turn cause the birds to displace away from the affected area. The bird netting is constructed using a perimeter framework cable which is fixed.

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BIRD POST & WIRE IN Birkenhead

National bird control Post and Wire System is an effective way to prevent birds from settling on ledges, windowsills, signs, beams and any other flat surfaces. It is practically invisible from ground level, making it the most discreet of all pest bird control methods. Spring-tensioned wires are…

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Bird & Pigeon Droppings (Guano) Removal, cleaning and Disinfection services In Birkenhead. Birds can cause substantial damage to a property and the surrounding area, if they are roosting or nesting on your property. They will quickly generate a significant amount of nesting material and bird droppings, which can block guttering and create a fertile breeding ground for parasites…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep birds away from my building?2018-06-07T12:37:29+00:00

Birds require 3 things to survive – food, shelter and water. Removal of these requirements makes the site less favourable and less prone to be occupied by birds.

Birds are nesting in high and difficult to reach areas?2018-06-07T12:37:07+00:00

All of our contractors are have extensive Health & Safety and Working at Height training and carry IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) Licence. We employ a number of methods to reach high and difficult to reach locations so there is always a safe access solution available for every scenario.

What is the best way to control birds?2018-06-07T12:36:52+00:00

All scenarios will require a different approach but the surest way to prevent bird activity is to deny the birds opportunity to roost on a building which is always the beginning of any infestation. The “our services” section above will explain in detail the varying degrees of control that are required from one client to the next so a bespoke solution is provided every time.

How do arrange a site visit?2018-06-07T12:36:37+00:00

Feel free to fill out the enquiry form on the contact page and a member of the team will be in touch straight away. Alternatively do give us a call directly on 08000 886 014 and we will be happy to arrange a site consultation over the phone.

I have pigeons on my business premises (warehouse) what’s the solution?2018-06-07T12:36:24+00:00

National Bird Control provides wide range of bird control methods in warehouses, from proofing to culling (shooting). Please call us on 08000 886 014 to arrange a free no obligation quotation visit.

Why bird droppings (Guano) are considered hazardous to health?2018-06-07T12:36:05+00:00

Pigeon and other bird droppings contain a number of diseases and infections such as Salmonella. Similarly, when dry, droppings can become airborne in very small particles, leading to respiratory diseases.

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