Bird Netting Systems

bird nettingNational bird control Post and Wire System is an effective way to prevent birds from settling on ledges, windowsills, signs, beams and any other flat surfaces. It is practically invisible from ground level, making it the most discreet of all pest bird control methods. Spring-tensioned wires are attached to posts that can be installed almost anywhere at any height. This is a tried and tested pest bird control system that prevents the birds from getting a foothold, but it does not harm them in any way. It is not the best solution for bird control if there is nesting, but we have many other options available for areas and situations where roosting and nesting is taking place.

The standard netting is black in colour and made from a 12/6 polyethylene knotted twine, manufactured to a net mesh of either 75mm, 50mm, 28mm and 19mm, depending on which species of bird is proving to be most problematic. The nets are attached to a 2mm stainless steel perimeter wire, which is held in place by a variety of stainless steel intermediate fixings.

Long-lasting Bird Netsbird netting

The wire is then tensioned using stainless steel barrel strainers, and the net is then attached using stainless steel hog rings. All the fixtures and fittings are 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel and are fitted using dome head rivets to prevent water ingress, so you can be confident that they are durable and weather proof, and you can expect them to last for up to 10 years!

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